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Here's why Éconofitness is bidding farewell to scales in its gyms.

At Éconofitness, we believe that the number on a scale should not dictate your mood or your fitness success.
Our greatest wish is to provide wellness facilities that are accessible to all. Our goal is to make every Éconofitness member feel good about themselves, regardless of what the scale might show. To help people achieve this goal, we've created a guide called Breaking Down Weight Loss, Building Self-esteem available for free on our website.
In keeping with this approach, we have also decided to say goodbye to scales in our gyms.
Let us tell you why.
At Éconofitness, we offer a friendly, non-intimidating environment for our members. Scales can be a source of anxiety for many people, turning them into tough judges of their body and self-worth.
At the gym, you should feel free to make progress at your own pace, without feeling constrained by a mere number.
Does the number on the scale tend to influence your feelings?  For example, if you like the number you see: you feel happy and you choose to treat yourself. You don't like the figure: you get down on yourself and feel guilty. As punishment, you may even deprive yourself of something you enjoy.
If the number on the scale has the power to dictate your mood, that's a problem.
But believe us, it's possible to free yourself from the shackles of the infamous scale. Bear in mind that the weight displayed does not reflect the benefits of training. Instead, try to focus on your well-being and the pride you feel when you take the time to go to the gym:
  • Pride in having decided to take care of yourself (read the article 5 Self-care Ideas to Practice Every Day for more ideas);
  • Pride in having made healthy changes to your lifestyle;
  • Pride in the workouts you've accomplished (check out our YouTube channel for simple, varied and effective workouts).
Keep in mind that the joy of exercise should be your driving force, rather than the fear of failing to reach a certain body weight.
We must never forget that the human body is much more than a number on a scale.
As you may have already noticed, this number can vary by several pounds in a single day, and that's perfectly normal.
Many factors have an impact on the weight displayed on a scale:
  • Time of day
  • Clothes you’re wearing
  • Food or liquid ingested
  • Water retention
  • Lack of sleep
  • Menstrual cycle
  • Constipation
  • Medication
As we've been saying for months, if not years, it's time to debunk the myth that body weight is the only indicator of health and fitness.
It can be healthy to set training goals. It's even a source of motivation for many people.
However, as explained in the article 10 Myths and Facts about Fitness, reaching a specific number on the scale should not be a goal in itself. Rather, it should be a consequence of a very distinct objective, such as:
  • Increasing our energy levels
  • Getting stronger
  • Developing a healthy relationship with food
There are several ways of tracking our training progress to achieve a healthy and realistic goal besides regular weighing on a scale. For example:
  • Take the physical tests on pages 30 to 35 of the guide Breaking Down Weight Loss, Building Self-esteem every 10 weeks.
  • Track your progress in terms of strength, endurance and flexibility. Keep track of the weights you lift, the number of repetitions you complete, or the distance you cover during your training sessions.
  • Monitor your general energy level and well-being. If you feel more energetic, fitter or more positive, it's a sign that your training is paying off.
  • Look in the mirror and learn to love what you see. Don't wait for a physical change before feeling good!
By eliminating scales from our gyms, we want to encourage you to free yourself from the pressure of weight and focus on your overall well-being. If you need help getting there, download our guide Breaking Down Weight Loss, Building Self-esteem which will help you gradually reduce the importance you attach to your body weight.
When you go to the gym, focus on increasing your self-confidence, regaining your energy and making lots of progress! From now on, the only thing that matters is how wide your smile is after an energizing workout... because who cares about the scale?


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