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Let’s be honest, the current situation makes it difficult to stay on top of our physical and mental health. After more than 10 months into the COVID-19 pandemic, the rainbows have faded, and it’s only natural to be feeling a little down.

However, it’s important not to let depression and inactivity take over. 2021 is a good time to make physical activity a priority. Being physically active can really help you get through these unusual and challenging times.

More than ever, it’s time to get moving! There are hundreds of good reasons (here are 125 😉), which is why we’ve put together five ways for you to stay active and in shape at home. There are suggestions for all tastes and fitness levels.

With the pleasant weather we’ve had in the past few weeks, many of us are rediscovering the joys of winter activities. Walking outside may seem like a boring activity. However, the physical and psychological benefits of walking outdoors shouldn’t be overlooked: improved blood circulation, a stronger immune system, reduced levels of stress and anxiety, etc. It’s free, accessible to all fitness levels, and can be done all year round, even in winter during a pandemic (but before 8 p.m.😉).

However, don’t set unrealistic goals. Keep it short enough so that it’s enjoyable, and walk at your own pace. You can also incorporate short jogging intervals into your walking sessions if you want to increase your heart rate.

Over the past few months, Éconofitness has worked hard to provide its members and all Quebecers with simple, effective, and diversified workout programs directly on its YouTube channel. These workout sessions, made entirely in Quebec, were designed and carried out by experienced kinesiologists, and have been a hit with all Éconofitness members. Whether you’re a fan of the popular POWER CARDIO workout, want to get moving and have fun with the GoFitness DANCE PARTY workout, or feel like working your abs with GoFitness ABS, our YouTube channel has something for you. Need to relax or stretch? We get it: it feels amazing! The GoFitness FLEX and GoFitness ZEN YOGA workouts are perfect for your active relaxation sessions.

If short and effective workouts are your thing, you’ll love the “Workouts of the Day,” series, which come in three different difficulty levels. High intensity interval training (HIIT), cardio workout, glute exercises, short weight training sessions, the choice is yours!

Are you a spinning enthusiast? Ride along with us in our VELOCYLCE workouts, also available online.

Les Mills workouts were created in New Zealand and have become popular all over the world. They’re all the rage among Éconofitness members, thanks to workouts such as Les Mills BODYPUMP, Les Mills BODYFLOW, and Les Mills CXWORX. Normally, these workouts are offered by the best coaches in Quebec, on site at all Extra gyms.

However, for a limited time, all Éconofitness members have free access to nearly 100 Les Mills workouts, right at home. Want to try Les Mills BODYATTACK, a quick cardio workout, or a mini yoga session? Now’s the time! If your family bubble includes children, there are fun workouts available for them too.

Click the Member’s Login (“Save” section) to access the “Les Mills at Home Workouts” platform.

Since October, EXTRA members have access to their favourite daily workouts led by their favourite coaches, live on ZOOM. Despite the lockdown, we continue to work out and encourage each other.

Exercising with partners, friends or a group of people who share the same goal is highly motivating and makes you want to come back for more. So, let’s all work out remotely together! The group’s energy often makes it possible to accomplish what’s difficult to achieve on our own and pushes us to keep going when it gets tough.

Écono and Platinum members can upgrade their memberships to Extra (via the Member’s Login) to get access to live workouts on ZOOM.

Social media is filled with pictures of people doing winter activities these days, and that’s great! That’s one positive aspect of the lockdown and travel restrictions! We have more time to take up a winter activity or sport, alone or within our family bubble. Let’s get away from Netflix and our favourite video games for a few hours and go outside. (You can always come back to these indoor activities past 8 p.m.!)

Other than walking, there are many activities you can do at home or nearby. Dust off your snowshoes and cross-country skis and enjoy the sunshine during the beautiful winter days. Or try a childhood classic for an afternoon: go sliding, make a funny snowman, or build a fort! We have time, so let’s make the most of it! Laughter and fun guaranteed!

Whether or not you’re an Éconofitness member, take some time to try one of the suggestions above over the next few days. Then, take a look at the positive effects of this activity or workout on your physical and mental well-being. It’ll probably encourage you to do it again. Don’t be too hard on yourself. The important thing is to get moving to take better care of yourself! We look forward to seeing you at our gyms once the public health measures are lifted and continuing to offer you quality facilities at very low prices.



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