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Summer is just around the corner, and we can't wait to get outside and spend our entire day enjoying the beautiful weather! Are you as eager as we are to get back into your favourite outdoor sports? If so, don't forget that the gym is the perfect partner to help in all facets of sports no matter your level—from a simple family activity to a regional tournament.

You may remember
the 5 gym exercices that we suggested last summer to help you practise 5 summer activities with ease. Don't hesitate to revisit these exercises and wake up your muscles! So, we are back by popular demand this year with seven new exercises that are specific to seven popular summer sports for our members.
From a solo swim session to a volleyball game with friends, remember that doing a workout that’s related to your sport will make your experience more enjoyable and it will also improve your performance.

Everyone knows about swimming! The following exercise will make your arms stronger, both for pulling water in the front crawl and breaststroke, as well as making you stronger and better able to fight through water, allowing you to move faster through the water. Once your workout is over, feel free to lounge by the pool or in a hydromassage bed 😉.
  • Select your load;
  • Put the straight bar on the cable and attach the pulley on top;
  • Take a big step backwards;
  • Keeping your arms straight, bring your hands to your thighs and control the upward return.
💪 ​Muscles exercised: Broadest of back and posterior deltoid.
Tennis fans can’t wait for the return of warmer weather to start enjoying the city's tennis courts again. The number one key to this sport is unquestionably cardio. In fact, the first game of the season often reminds us that our cardio is not always at its best at the beginning of the season. Even if you have the arm strength, you will have a hard time returning your partner's ball if you are constantly out of breath. To improve your cardiovascular endurance, don't hesitate to consult our YouTube channel to explore a variety of super efficient cardio workouts.

For more strength when hitting the ball, here’s a good exercise to increase the power of your forehand.

  • Select your load;
  • Put a handle on each cable and set them in position just below the shoulders;
  • Standing with your back to the pulley, grasp the handles and extend your arms, keeping them straight, and joining your hands together in front of your chest.

💪 Muscles exercised: Major pectorals, anterior deltoids.
In a soccer game, if you want to be able to get around other players while keeping possession of the ball, you'll need to practise handling the ball for hours! Also, if you are able to outwit your opponents, it is strong and powerful legs that will allow you to perform your dreaded "ultimate kick" in front of the goal! Here is an exercise that will help you do just that. As you practise this exercise, remember the importance of getting up explosively (quickly) and controlling the descent (slowly).

  • Adjust the bench so that your knees are at the end, in the corner of the cushion, and the roller is at ankle level;
  • Select your load;
  • Extend your leg quickly to bring your shin parallel to the ground and return to a neutral control position.

🦵​ Muscles exercised: Quadriceps.
When you think of the ultimate summer sport, nothing beats a game of volleyball on the warm sand by the beach. To get the most out of this sport, you need to master certain types of shots, including the dig, which can be improved with the exercise described below.

Also, be aware that a personal trainer could help you prepare for this sport if you practise it more diligently or you just want to increase the power of your smashs. If you want a program specific to your needs, simply
book a Fittcoach session, our private training partner.

  • Select your load;
  • Install a triceps rope on the cable as low as possible;
  • With your back to the machine, grasp the handles between your legs;
  • Keep your back straight;
  • Stand upright with your legs straight and return to your original position, keeping your back straight.

💪 Muscles exercised: Gluteus maximus, hamstrings, anterior deltoids.
Have you heard of this activity that brings people together and is described as the perfect sport for picnics with friends at the park? It requires very little equipment and is a lot of fun! If you have a competitive spirit and would really like to beat your friends at Spike Ball, here is a drill that will help you hit harder.

  • Select your load;
  • Place a barbell on the cable as high as possible;
  • Grip the bar and tuck your elbows under your shoulders, against your ribs;
  • Then, extend the rest of your arms. On the return, make sure to keep your elbow position and stop the movement when your arms form a 90 degree angle.

💪 Muscles exercised: Arm triceps.
Whether it's throwing the ball or catching it, baseball requires excellent shoulder stability. Too many people take up baseball overnight without being prepared for the movements required for the sport. Rotator cuff tendonitis is one of the main injuries related to this sport, and to avoid it, you need to strengthen the muscles in this area. This is why internal rotations of the shoulder should be practised.

  • Select your load;
  • Install a handle on the cable and set it at waist level;
  • Grab the handle and place your elbow under your shoulder, alongside your ribs;
  • Rotate your shoulder internally (bring your arm in front of your tract while maintaining elbow flexion) and control the return.

💪 Muscles exercised: Rotator cuff.
If you want to try a new activity that is far from ordinary, here is one that will really make you feel like a circus performer! You'll steal the show at the park with just this strap attached to two trees or two sturdy posts. Go ahead and walk around like a tightrope walker, but not before working on your balance with the next exercise.

  • Set the BOSU 2 feet away from a bench;
  • Place one foot on the BOSU and the other on the bench;
  • Lower your back knee to the floor;
  • On the way back, maintain a small bend in the knee.
🦵 Muscles exercised: Quadriceps, gluteus maximus, stabilizers.

Don't forget that every outdoor activity can be enhanced with a few exercises that you can do throughout the year at the gym. The goal is not necessarily to be better, but simply to play your favourite sport with confidence and pleasure! So don't completely abandon your gym this summer, keep at it! Think of your workouts as the key to enjoying your outdoor activities even more.

 🌞 Get moving this summer, outside and in the gym! 😉


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