Long live summer! Whether it’s relaxing on a pleasant patio, going for long walks under the sun or engaging in outdoor activities, all reasons are good to spend as much time as possible outside during this warm and sunny season! We often feel guilty if we spend too much time indoors instead of enjoying the longest days of the year. What if we told you that your workouts at the gym can also help you make the most of your summer? Yes, it’s true! If you’re a summer sports enthusiast, a quick 30-minute workout twice a week can make your favourite outdoor activities easier and even more enjoyable!
Whether venturing out for a glide on your paddleboard or for a round of golf with friends, sport-specific training will make your experience more enjoyable and can optimize your performance.
Here are some simple exercises that will help you when enjoying your favourite activity:

Paddleboarding requires good balance to avoid landing in the water every 2 seconds. Before you can even think about moving forward, you must be able to stand up! To help you get there, a SQUAT on the BOSU is the perfect exercise.

  • Set the BOSU with the ball on the ground
  • Put one foot on the BOSU, then the other, and find your balance
  • Shift your pelvis back and down to a squat
  • Keep your knees in line with your toes

🦵 Muscles exercised: quadriceps, gluteus maximus, and several of the body’s stabilizing muscles.

When you are able to move forward easily on your paddleboard, refer to the exercises included in the “Canoe or Kayak” section.

When canoeing or kayaking, proper stability is essential to keep you from capsizing. However, most boats are more stable than a paddleboard. That’s why we recommend an exercise called a “row,” a common exercise at the gym which will enable you to improve your paddle stroke and move more efficiently.
  • Put one knee and one hand on the bench and make sure that your back is straight
  • Extend your arm under your shoulder
  • Raise your elbow upwards and bring the hand to the waist.
💪 Muscles exercised: latissimus dorsi (lats), posterior deltoid.
This accessible and environmentally friendly form of transportation has been gaining in popularity recently. Whether you’re off for a family outing, going to work, or setting out on a long road bike ride, a few specific exercises will help your legs push and pull harder on the pedals and improve your endurance. Step climbing is an excellent exercise that will pump up your bike riding enjoyment.
  • The exercise can be done on a step or a bench
  • Place one foot on the step and pretend you are climbing a stair without your second leg touching the bench
  • Choose one of the two following options:
    • Return the foot close to the ground and rise up.​
    • Lower completely to the ground and start again

🦵 Muscles exercised: quadriceps, gluteus maximus.

If you prefer in-line skates to cycling, the gym can also be helpful. A hip extension exercise on the pulley will not only help you improve the skating motion, it will also help with the abdominal control required to maintain stability on skates.
  • Attach the ankle clip.
  • Grasp the machine and engage your abdominal muscles
  • Extend your leg backwards, keeping it as straight as possible.

🦵 Muscles exercised: gluteus maximus, hamstrings.

For golf enthusiasts, we recommend that you add more steps to your day by leaving the cart behind (what a great outdoor workout!). When you are at the gym, a trunk twist on the pulley will help you develop a more powerful swing while working on your mobility, which is often a limiting factor.
  • Take the handle of the pulley with both hands
  • Move about 1 metre away from the machine
  • Anchor your feet to the ground and keep your hips perpendicular to the machine
  • Move your arms to the other side of the body up to eye level, limiting the movement of your waist as much as possible.
💪 Muscles exercised: obliques, deltoids, and several stabilizing muscles.

Keep in mind that every outdoor activity can be enhanced with a few exercises at the gym. Don’t completely abandon your gym this summer! Get in there and train. Think of these workouts as the key to truly enjoying your outdoor activities. Discover
7 other exercices to prepare you for your summer sports in the part 2 of this article.
If you want to add a training program that targets a specific activity, sport or training goal, opting for personalized private training is always a winning option. Visit the
Fittcoach website, an Econofitness partner, to get more details about private training sessions with a qualified trainer in your Econofitness gym.

🌞 Get moving this summer, outdoors and in the gym! 😉


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