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If you weren't convinced two years ago that exercise has a positive impact on people's lives, we bet you've changed your mind in the past few months as our physical and mental health have all been challenged. Although we have been avidly consuming workout videos at home, thanks to the great Éconofitness YouTube channel, we have gradually decreased our physical activities. You have to admit that nothing beats a trip to the gym to stay in shape! It's a good thing that Éconofitness has gyms all over Québec ready to welcome you!

Working out at the gym is much more than running on a mat or lifting weights in front of a mirror. You already knew that though, didn't you? Physical activity, primarily outside the home, has a huge impact on many aspects of our health and well-being. Above all, let's be realistic and stop thinking we can be at the gym for one hour a day, every day. This idealization of working out will only discourage you from seeing the benefits of going to the gym.
Short workouts that are simple and effective are the perfect way to get moving every week and experience the many benefits of exercise. Thanks to the Éconofitness website, there is no shortage of ideas for workouts to do at the gym!

The physical benefits of exercise allow our bodies to support us throughout our lives and maintain our mobility. When it comes to psychological benefits , the multiple hormones secreted during exercise help us to better manage our emotions. Above and beyond the physical and psychological benefits, we tend to underestimate another important aspect all too often—the many advantages that the gym can have on our social life. The social benefits of going to the gym should not be neglected because they drive away boredom, depression, and isolation. These three types of benefits are what make up the winning trio that guides us toward the kind of overall wellness that will last over time.

There’s no need to list all 125 reasons to work out but let's highlight a few, 25 to be exact, that make it essential for  you to include visits to the gym in your daily routine. For each category of benefits, try to find the statement that motivates you, the one that most closely matches what you want to include or maintain in your life. This simple exercise is very revealing and will even encourage you to get active more often:
1. Increase in strength or endurance (depending on your workout method)
2. Increased energy expenditure
3. Improve your balance, coordination, and agility
4. Improved posture
5. Improved range of motion and therefore reduced risk of related injuries
6. Improve your immune system
7. Increase your basal metabolism
8. Improved digestion
9. Improved absorption of many nutrients
10. Improved and more restful sleep
11. Improved heart health
12. Improved bone health
13. Improved joint health
14. Decreased risk of many diseases
15. Improved strength to fight disease


16. A five-fold increase in the release of endorphins compared to being at rest. Hormones can act as a painkiller and produce a feeling of well-being or even euphoria
17. Dopamine release: the hormone of immediate pleasure
18. Serotonin release: the hormone responsible for well-being
19. Decrease in cortisol: The hormone that generates stress (so you can be more relaxed)
20. Improved self-esteem
21. Improved self-confidence
22. Improved ability to expand one's comfort zone that can be reflected in other areas of life


23. A great opportunity to get out of the house and see people "in real life" and on a screen
24. Make a date with your friend for a workout for 2…or more
25. Meet new people at the gym and expand your circle of friends
We can list all the good reasons to go to the gym, but nothing beats the way you feel after a good workout to understand how good exercise makes you feel! The feeling of pride accompanied by the feeling of being more alive than ever is something you just have to experience in person! It's up to you to find YOUR reason to go to the gym, and post it in several places like on post-its around your house, in your agenda, etc. Or take a selfie of yourself after the gym and use it as a wallpaper on your cell phone to remind you of how good you feel after a workout. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words!



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