Presented by Coach Kim S.
Kinesiologist and Group Fitness Coach at Éconofitness

horloge_7hrs.jpegWhether we’re talking about our sleep habits or exercise, it always comes down to both quality and quantity! Many studies have shown that the quality of sleep occurs typically between 10pm and 7am. A deep sleep allows the body to rejuvenate; muscles repair and regenerate while hormones are released which help overall development and well-being.
This period of recovery also helps with memory, brain function and motor skill development – all of which are needed both at home and at the gym. A good night’s sleep will give you greater energy in the morning and you’ll likely feel more motivated to hit the gym! 
D4U_9702.jpgInteresting fact… Exercise will increase levels of Seratonin. This hormone is a ‘mood enhancer’ and when released helps with productivity both at work and at home. You’ll end your day with a satisfying fatigue and feelings of well-being. You’ll also fall asleep with greater ease and enjoy an overall good night’s sleep.

Sleep, exercise and proper nutrition – these are the pillars of a healthy lifestyle which will allow you to reach your goals and live a fitter, healthier life!

Enjoy your training and... good night!


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