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Éconofitness Montréal - Centre-Ville (Promenades Cathédrale)

OPEN: Today until 18:30

625, rue Sainte-Catherine O, Suite 1260,

Montréal, H3B 1B7

Get directions 514 284 3319

Éconofitness Montréal - Centre-Ville (Forum de Montréal/Atwater)

OPEN: Today until 20:00

2313, rue Sainte-Catherine O,

Montréal, H3H 1N2

Get directions 514 939 1234

Éconofitness Montréal - Ville-Marie (Ontario/Amherst)

OPEN: Today until 20:00

1125, rue Ontario Est, Suite 201,

Montréal, H2L1R2

Get directions 514 370 5167

Éconofitness Montréal - Rosemont (Saint-Denis) Extra

OPEN: Today until 20:00

5800 Rue Saint-Denis, Bureau 606,

Montréal, H2S 3L5

Get directions 514 276 3738

Éconofitness Montréal - Rosemont - La Petite Patrie (Beaubien)

OPEN: Today until 20:00

785, rue Beaubien Est,

Montréal, H2S 2M3

Get directions 514 948 3738

Éconofitness Montréal - Plateau Mont-Royal (Parthenais)

OPEN: Today until 20:00

2175, Av. du Mont-Royal Est,

Montréal, H2H 1K2

Get directions 514 370 5037

Éconofitness Montréal - Côte-des-Neiges Extra for women

OPEN: Today until 17:00

3720 ave Van Horne,

Montréal, H3S 1R8

Get directions 514 439 7778

Éconofitness Montréal - Côte-des-Neiges

OPEN: Today until 20:00

6700, chemin de la Côte-des-Neiges, Local 184,

Montréal, H3S 2B2

Get directions 514 664 2017

Éconofitness Montréal - Rosemont (Masson) Extra for women

OPEN: Today until 17:00

3236 Rue Masson, 3e étage,

Montréal, H1Y 1Y3

Get directions 514 723 7444

Éconofitness Montréal - Villeray (Métropolitain) Extra

OPEN: Today until 20:00

20 Boul Crémazie E,

Montréal, H2P 1C8

Get directions 514 504 4884

Éconofitness Montréal - Saint-Michel for women

OPEN: Today until 19:00

3333, rue Jarry Est, Suite 200,

Montréal, H1Z 2E5

Get directions 514 722 0606

Éconofitness Montréal - Saint-Michel OPEN 24/7

OPEN 24/7

8255, boul. Saint-Michel,

Montréal, H1Z 3E4

Get directions 514 903 7976

Éconofitness Montréal - Saint-Léonard (Jean-Talon/Pie-IX)

OPEN: Today until 20:00

4255, rue Jean-Talon Est,

Montréal, H1S 1J9

Get directions 514 723 0111

Éconofitness Montréal - Saint-Léonard (Place Viau)

OPEN: Today until 20:00

7600, boul. Viau,

Montréal, H1S 2P3

Get directions 514 370 5166

Éconofitness Montréal - Ville Saint-Laurent OPEN 24/7

OPEN 24/7

3500, boul. de la Côte-Vertu, 200,

Montréal, H4R 2X7

Get directions 514 747 3223

Éconofitness Montréal - Montréal-Nord (Pie-IX/Forest)

OPEN: Today until 20:00

10651, Boul. Pie IX,

Montréal, H1H 4A3

Get directions 438 387 3438

Éconofitness Montréal - Saint-Léonard (Lacordaire)

OPEN: Today until 20:00

9480, boul. Lacordaire, Suite 210,

Montréal, H1R 0C4

Get directions 514 321 9027

Éconofitness Montréal - Anjou OPEN 24/7

OPEN 24/7

6830, boul. Joseph-Renaud,

Montréal, H1K 3V4

Get directions 514 370 8830

Éconofitness Montréal - Rivière-des-Prairies OPEN 24/7

OPEN 24/7

7735, boul. Maurice-Duplessis,

Montréal, H1E 1M5

Get directions 514 648 4447

Éconofitness Montréal - Pointe-aux-Trembles

OPEN: Today until 20:00

3455, rue Robert-Chevalier,

Montréal, H1A 3R7

Get directions 514 370 8828

If you're searching for affordable gyms in Montreal, it's time to discover Éconofitness. Our 26 locations across the city offer a brand new concept in health and fitness: prices are low, equipment is cutting-edge and classes are unlimited. Add in our friendly, judgement-free environment and it's easy to see why we're Quebec's largest self-service fitness club chain. Choose your gym to get started.


Fitness Classes in Montréal


Get your heart pumping with an upbeat, choreographed workout that can serve as a fun alternative to your typical cardio routine. Improve your endurance and cardiovascular health while having plenty of fun!

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No workout regimen is complete without regular cardio. Our group fitness cardio classes put the focus on improving your cardiovascular health, increasing your endurance and helping you reach your fitness goals.

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Indoor Cycling

Burn calories and build strong, functional muscles with the help of our indoor cycling classes. Not only will your endurance improve, but the healthy competition of a group fitness class will motivate you to challenge yourself.

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Improve your posture, flexibility, endurance and balance! Our yoga classes are suitable for all levels. Learn dynamic postures and breathing techniques that will nurture your sense of well-being, in and out of the gym.

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OR Select Your Gym! 70 gyms in Quebec.