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Éconofitness Sherbrooke (King Ouest)

3200, rue King Ouest


J1L 1C9

OPEN: Today until 23:00

Get directions to this gym +1 (819) 563-9117

Éconofitness Sherbrooke (King Est)

315, rue King Est


J1G 1B3

OPEN: Today until 23:00

Get directions to this gym +1 (819) 822-2224

Our gyms in Estrie make fitness super simple and super affordable. These are your go-to venues for a judgement-free atmosphere, fun-filled classes, cutting-edge equipment and—of course—very low prices. Want to lose weight, get in shape or build muscle? Then it's time to discover the Éconofitness concept. Choose your nearest gym in Estrie now.

Fitness Classes in Estrie


No workout regimen is complete without regular cardio. Our group fitness cardio classes put the focus on improving your cardiovascular health, increasing your endurance and helping you reach your fitness goals.

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Indoor Cycling

Burn calories and build strong, functional muscles with the help of our indoor cycling classes. Not only will your endurance improve, but the healthy competition of a group fitness class will motivate you to challenge yourself.

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Get your heart pumping with an upbeat, choreographed workout that can serve as a fun alternative to your typical cardio routine. Improve your endurance and cardiovascular health while having plenty of fun!

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Improve your posture, flexibility, endurance and balance! Our yoga classes are suitable for all levels. Learn dynamic postures and breathing techniques that will nurture your sense of well-being, in and out of the gym.

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