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Last month, Éconofitness, Quebec’s largest low-cost gym chain, celebrated its fifth anniversary. The chain is growing at an impressive pace, boasting nearly 65 gyms across the province, and making fitness now accessible to more than 250,000 people.

A few years ago, Quebec’s fitness centres experienced a period of transformation as a result of the change in approach that had begun elsewhere in the world. After going to the United States, Europe, and South America to see the new gyms that were gaining in popularity, the managers at Éconofitness realized that everything had to be reviewed and that a modernized concept had to be brought forth by becoming, among other things, much more financially accessible. There was no doubt that it was essential to adapt to changes in the fitness industry. The low-cost gym concept was already incredibly strong in the United States, but it was necessary to adapt it to the local Quebec market (read how they managed to do that here).

Following the trend to expand access through affordable prices, as several companies in the travel and food industries had done, was the key to continue growing and achieve success! That’s when the first Éconofitness gym opened its doors in Montréal in the Saint-Laurent borough.

Since then, the company has continued to grow. The chain’s concept was quickly understood and accepted by the population, who then began to request that Éconofitness open gyms in their regions. Some people even started petitions to convince Éconofitness to set up shop in their cities. No matter the time of year, the gyms are always full. There is no doubt the Éconofitness phenomenon is gaining momentum by the day.

Members were wooed by the warm hospitality, intimidation-free atmosphere, and impeccable cleanliness the large gyms offer. Members can enjoy such low prices thanks to the “self-service” concept.

At Éconofitness, members don’t pay for services they don’t use. This makes it possible to offer annual subscriptions starting at $4.99 biweekly. Despite the low prices, all the gyms feature plenty of quality training equipment.

In addition, throughout their subscription period, members are supported by several digital and technological means that help them stay motivated to maintain fitness. To learn more about the Éconofitness concept, watch this short video.

The year 2018 ends on a high note for Éconofitness with the addition of three new gyms, already open for business, in the Lanaudière and Montréal regions. The year 2019 looks equally promising with the upcoming opening of two new gyms, one in Joliette and the other one in the city of Québec (Limoilou area).

Éconofitness expects to reach 100 locations by the end of 2020, allowing more than 450,000 members to take care of their health.

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