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BANANA POPS | By Hubert Cormier

Whenever I crave a refreshing popsicle, I turn to banana pops. You only need three ingredients, they’re ultra simple to make, and can be easily altered to everyone’s taste. Just vary the toppings and use your imagination!

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HEALTHY BAGELS | By Hubert Cormier
Strangely enough, it is often said that bagels are not healthy. However, they are a good alternative to traditional sliced bread, have less fat than croissants and are enjoyable to eat. Here is a simple, protein-rich recipe that you can easily make at home.

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ITALIAN EGG BITES | By Hubert Cormier
Lately, egg bites are all the rage in coffee shops and fast food chains. Although they’re a great option as a quick fix for your hunger, cooking them yourself at home is a much healthier, more economical and tastier choice!

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These cake pops hold a little surprise: a veggie in disguise. As a matter of fact, beetroot is perfect for this dessert because its taste goes unnoticed and because it enhances the cake’s red colour.

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SHOULD WE FEAR SUGAR? | By Hubert Cormier
More and more fad diets suggest that people reduce their sugar intake, particularly refined sugar. But how bad is sugar, really? Should we be afraid of it? Here is some information to help alleviate your concerns about sugar

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