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☀ Aaahhh … the holiday season is finally upon us! The sun, the heat, the summer outings … it feels so good! During these few days of break from the regular hustle and bustle, we all want to do tons of activities. After all, we have to make the best of our short summer 😉!
☀ But having a dream vacation in Quebec without spending all your savings can be a hard thing to do. Worry no more! Being an Éconofitness member makes it possible to take advantage of over $1,000 in exclusive discounts offered by our multiple partners!

☀ When planning your summer holidays, make sure to check out the exclusive discounts of Éconofitness’s Economize Program.


👉 Lacking inspiration to plan your summer holidays? We can help you out! We have drawn up a list of activities for you to do, either with family or friends, as well as a number of purchases to spoil yourself with (no need to thank us, we’re really happy to help you save nearly $300 and help you enjoy every single day of your holidays 😉)!

☝ Remember to visit the Exclusive Discounts section of our website every week to keep abreast of the latest discounts. Activities, shows, sports events, electronics, food, travel… There are discounts for everyone, regardless of your interests or budget.
Happy summer holidays … and happy savings! 😎

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