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"This week, I had zero motivation to go to the gym. I’ve been following my workout program for a while now, but I really needed a little extra push to get me to the gym. It was my gym manager who suggested I swap out my usual workouts for some virtual fitness classes. Challenge accepted!
I took a look at the schedule and was pleasantly surprised to see that I could do both cardio and strength training, at a time that’s convenient for me.
Here’s what my week looked like:

OMG! Need a change? Look no further! I thought I was pretty hot stuff for running intervals on the treadmill, but wow, I quickly realized what it was like to step out of my comfort zone. The class is only 30 minutes, but if you go all out, that’s really all you need. Simple, effective and repetitive movements. I wasn’t the only one in the room and, between you and me, I was surprised that the lady who looked to be over 50 could keep up just by adapting the moves a little. 
What could be better than 15 minutes of abs after a good cardio workout? You wouldn’t think 15 minutes is very long, but there’s enough to it that you’ll find it worth your while. I might just check the schedule and join in more often. Rather than doing abs all alone in the weight room, why not do them with a coach?

Today, I didn’t just step out of my comfort zone, I jumped out of it! Yoga may be all the rage, with everyone snapping pictures of themselves doing yoga poses all over the place, but I admit, I had yet to try a yoga class. What better place to make my debut than in a room full of complete strangers, led by a virtual coach? Nothing intimidating about that!

I went at my own pace, and I skipped a few moves at certain points to look at the screen to make sure I was following along, but overall, I felt the positive effects of the workout. Being a little hyperactive, I managed to calm down and focus a little more on myself. I told myself it would become easier with practice. I also realized that I’m really not flexible! I’m more drawn to performance sports, but I think this class could provide a bit of balance in my workout routine, not to mention my life. Even though it’s called ZEN YOGA, you still work hard—in a different way, of course, but I definitely felt my muscles burning! Another class to add to my workout schedule.

In the weight room, I usually do 3 sets of 10 reps. I prefer to lift moderately heavy weights for shorter periods of time. What a shock it was to do the complete opposite in this class! I actually had to switch my dumbbells for lighter ones midway through the class because I’m not used to this type of workout. I really felt the benefits, and I was happy to have several variations to choose from. At first, I tried to keep up with the coach at maximum intensity, but at one point, I had no choice but to adjust and do the different variations. I was happy they were displayed at all times.

In 45 minutes, I got a full-body workout—and my brain worked pretty hard too! I loved having a coach to motivate me from start to finish. I still like working out alone in the weight room, but I’m happy I discovered this great option for the days when I’m in a rush or have no motivation.
I don’t usually go to the gym on Thursdays because it’s my meeting day. But, knowing how effective POWER CARDIO is, I managed to get away for 25 minutes for an intense workout. The class was just as full as on Monday, plus I remembered some of the routine, so I was able to push myself even more. After a while, I imagine the moves will become automatic, and I can just focus on upping the intensity.

Ok, I have to admit, it was Friday, so I let myself give into the temptation of a class called DANCE PARTY! I loved the mix of Latin-style and hip-hop dance moves! With the lights down low, I closed my eyes now and then, and managed to just let go, and boy did I sweat! I’m not ready to give up my interval training, but this was something fun and completely different. I’m pretty sure my endorphin levels were through the roof. What a blast! At lunch time or just before happy hour on a Friday, it’s the perfect start to your weekend!

📌So, to sum up this challenge, the group classes really got me out of my comfort zone, but more importantly, they motivated me to go to the gym. Whether you’re looking for a total workout or a complement to your regular routine, I strongly recommend trying a few classes. You won’t regret it!"

Lea xx
member at Éconofitness Promenades Cathédrale




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