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Frozen or not, some recipes are perfect for hot weather! If you're looking for summer recipes that will remind your taste buds that summer vacation is here, here are 7 you'll want to make today that will keep you away from the stove and close to the fridge!
These fresh recipes were created by Hubert Cormier, PhD in Nutrition, for you to enjoy all summer long. Enjoy them as main courses, desserts, or snacks during your workouts at the gym or outside and during your well-deserved vacation days.

Did you know that there is a way to make your own ice cream in no time! Here's a recipe that requires only a few ingredients and will keep you cool during a summer heat wave. As a bonus, thanks to the protein powder, this protein ice cream will help you feel full longer! What could be better for the long summer days?
Buddha bowl recipes are always varied, crunchy and tasty. This dish combines fruit, vegetables, protein (animal or vegetable) and grains. This Buddha bowl version is bursting with flavour and is extra colourful: yellow turmeric/curry powder, red tomatoes, and orange sweet potatoes. Remember, colour means vitamins and minerals! Pssst… you can double the curry yogurt sauce - one part to marinate the chicken and the other part to enjoy with the Buddha bowl.
The outdoor running season is now well underway! If you are a runner and looking for a snack that’ll give you the energy boost you need to finish your course, these gummies are exactly what you need! They are a completely natural source of carbohydrates and contain sodium and potassium, two very important electrolytes during physical activity. These little gummies will energize your runs, but don’t hesitate to consume them even during your days off!
Frozen treats aren’t always particularly healthy, but who’d want to miss out on them in summer? Whenever you crave a refreshing popsicle, turn to Banana Pops. You only need three ingredients, they’re ultra simple to make, and can be easily altered to everyone’s taste. Just vary the toppings and use your imagination! Bananas have never looked so good!
This cold sesame salad is definitely a dream meal for lovers of Asian flavours. It can be prepared quickly and stored in the refrigerator for several days. With 34 grams of protein per serving (thanks to the soba noodles and tofu!), this salad is perfect for long dinners on your patio, at home or at the cottage!
Strawberries are in the spotlight right now! It's normal, they are so delicious! As a kid, I used to love pudding and mousse and even good old-fashioned Jell-O in a pouch. That said, every so often, I still like to whip up these classics and enjoy them as much as I did back then. Will this strawberry mousse make you as nostalgic as it makes me? As a bonus, it’s made with Greek yogurt and real fruit, which means it a great post-workout snack!
Here’s a refreshing recipe for frozen Greek-style yogurt bites that you can customize with your favourite fruit. Enjoy this guilt-free indulgence on hot summer days. If you’re planning on using them as a post-workout treat, I suggest eating two servings, which will provide 10 grams of protein and a bit of carbs to meet your body’s energy needs. With a hint of lemon and mint, these bites will surely become one of your go-to summer recipes!
You can't deny that these recipes make you want to cook! Soak up the beautiful summer days ahead, whether you’re on vacation or not. Enjoy these simple and delicious summer recipes alone by the water's edge, with your family during an outdoor activity, or with your friends after the gym. Have a great summer! 🌞


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