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How much does an Éconofitness membership cost?

There are two membership options available: Écono Membership for $10.75/month (or $129/year)* or Platinum Membership for $22.75/month (or $273/year)*. See more membership details. To purchase your membership, click here. * + applicable taxes.

Can I really share my key card with 10 friends?

Yes! An amazing privilege for our Platinum members is that they can share their key tags with friends and family to use Éconofitness for free. The Platinum Friend must be 15 years of age or older. Platinum friends have the same privileges as our Écono members + the access to all locations. However, only one person at a time (Platinum member or his/her Platinum friend) may be admitted to the gym. This person (friend or member) must keep their key card on them at all times. See terms and conditions for more details.

What does the "Freeze your rate" option do for me?

By taking the freeze your rate option, you ensure that your membership rate will remain the same for as long as you maintain your membership.

What services/programs are offered?

Cardio and strength training equipment is available, as well as stretching areas. Each Éconofitness features 50+ pieces of cardio equipment, a wide range of strength training machines, and a large free weight area (5 to 75 lb dumbbells). We also offer over 200 virtual group fitness and indoor cycling classes (see schedule). Platinum memberships include access to massage chairs, hydro massage beds and unlimited access to tanning equipment (must be 18 or over). Also, the Platinum members can share their membership card with 10 guests.

Does Éconofitness offer child minding?

There is no child minding available (see our services).

Do I need to bring my card every time? What if I forget my card?

If you do not have your membership card with you, you will not be allowed to enter the gym. If your card has been lost/stolen, you can purchase a new card during staffed hours (see your gym's schedule) for $10 + applicable taxes.

What is the minimum age to join?

The minimum age to join is 15 years old. A minor is anyone under the age of 18. For a minor to join Éconofitness, he or she must register in person, accompanied by a parent/legal guardian. A minor cannot purchase a membership online (see conditions). For a free trial while our Thursday Free Trials (every last thursday of each month) an adult must be with the person aged between 15 and 17 years old. 

What should I wear to work out? Do I need to bring anything?

Wear comfortable, breathable fabrics and running or cross-training shoes. We recommend that you always bring a padlock, water bottle and sweat towel. The use of a towel and interior sport shoes is mandatory (see code of conduct).

How do I get a membership?

Memberships can be purchased online or at any Éconofitness gym during staffed hours (see your gym's schedule). If you plan to sign up for a membership at the gym, please bring a void cheque or your credit card on your first visit. If you purchase your membership online, you can pick up your membership card at the gym during staffed hours (see your gym's schedule).

Can I upgrade my membership?

You can upgrade your membership at the Éconofitness location mentioned on your contract during opening hours.

Can I come in for a free trial?

Free trials take place on the last Thursday of each month, from opening until closing time. There are no other opportunities for a free trial or workout outside those days. See our Thursday Free Trials details. 18 years old and over. People aged between 15 and 17 years old must be accompanied by an adult. 

What are the tanning guidelines?

To be granted access to tanning equipment and the Platinum Zone, you must be 18 or older. A tanning session lasts 9 minutes at most. However, you may have as many tanning sessions as you wish (see terms and conditions).

What about showers and changing rooms?

Instead of increasing the cost of membership fees, we decided to charge separately for the use of showers.Therefore, the Econo members have the option to pay $1 for 3 minutes for the use of a shower. This way, members don’t pay for what they don’t use! All members have free access to lockers and changing rooms. Platinum members have unlimited access to the showers. 

What about personal training?

Éconofitness’s services do not include personal trainers. However, upon registration, you can attend a free orientation session for our 30-minute express zone circuit. You can also start with the Éconofitness training program.

How can I attend virtual group fitness classes?

Fitness classes are presented in special rooms and projected on screen. This allows us to offer over 200 classes per week at just one centre! See schedule.

Are there any hidden initial fees?

No! Our promise is to make fitness available to ALL by offering premium-quality gyms at a low cost - in a judgement free environment (see our concept)!

What if I have other questions?

If you have questions regarding your gym, memberships or anything else, please speak to an Éconofitness staff member at the gym during opening hours. (see your gym's schedule).

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